Sunday, July 13, 2014

#Made 4 Math - Learning Objectives Tracker


Like most of you, I'm sure, I post the daily learning objectives on the board for students to see. They don't necessarily change daily as some objectives take longer to master than others, obviously (factoring with freshmen compared to graphing lines with Pre-Calc students).  Anyways, it dawned on me a while ago that students never really see all of the learning objectives together until they get their review/study guide for a unit assessment and even then it's still not a list of the actual objectives they've been introduced to. 

To help bridge the gap, I created this page (I'm calling it a pilot page for now because I'm not sure if I'm in love) for my students to put in their notebooks.

[Click that arrow pointing to the left, in the upper left corner to get rid of the thumbnails]
Google Doc for PDF

The learning objectives for the unit are sandwiched in the middle of a "pre-unit" column and a "post-unit" column.  Students will have an opportunity to preview EVERYTHING for that unit and activate some prior knowledge by reading through each objective.  In the "pre-unit" column they will check the box that indicates either that they have some prior knowledge or that they do not. Either way, this is good for me and them.  My thought is that before they take the unit assessment I will have them go back, re-read through the objectives and indicate whether or not they feel THEY have learned or mastered that objective.  What I really like about this is it gets the kiddos involved in the planning, learning, teaching, re-teaching cycle...or at least I think it will!

I used the Exploring Data chapter from my AP Statistics (SYM) book.  I plan on typing up the objectives for the rest of the units during rainy days to come :(.  I'm more than happy to share them when I'm finished if anyone would like a copy.  

BTW...this page is meant to be folded hamburger-style and glued into a notebook.


I created a teacher's version, as well, with a few modifications.  After reflecting on a lesson that introduced a new objective, I can check the box that indicates whether students are mastering the concept or still struggling.  I even included a little box for notes.  After four years of teaching this course I have a pretty good idea where were going to need to slow down or pick up the pace but having documentation never hurt!
Google Doc for PDF


  1. What a wonderful idea!! I love your form, and I've been toying with exactly this same idea, so you've inspired me. :) I was thinking about having my students rate their prior knowledge (1-5, 5=can teach another student) and then rate at the end of the class, but after seeing your form, I like the idea of check marks. The other idea that I'm thinking about is an additional column of a "class effort" rating each day...but it's a work in progress. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. I like the rating idea. That might be a nice way to change things up a bit especially if you're reviewing material that the students SHOULD already know! And I really like the "class effort" rating. There are some days that they are SO on, and the next day you feel like you have an entirely different class sitting in front of you!